Monday, July 17, 2017

Tail Wagging The Dog

I was talking with a colleague the other day and the subject of why some clinicians are resistant to new methods and technologies came up. Even though these methods and technologies can improve patient outcomes and provide safer treatments for both clinicians and their patients, some clinicians still refuse to accept these new approaches.

The thing I don't understand is that I thought the clinician was the employee. I thought the director of rehab establishes the rehab program which would include methods and technologies. Apparently this is not the case because if a clinician doesn't want to learn a new technique or new technology they don't have to. Even though it could save time and money, be safer for both the clinician and their patient and provide a better outcome.

It seems like the tail is wagging the dog. Is there any other industry where the employee tells the employer what they are willing or not willing to do? I can't think of one.

There is nothing more frustrating to an administrator than to see a piece of expensive new therapy equipment gathering dust or being used as a coat rack or lunch table. No wonder some administrators are resistant to purchase the newest products on the market, I totally get it.

This is a leadership issue on every level and it always starts at the top. Developing a culture of respect and cooperation is essential in every department. It is the oil in a well oiled machine, all parts moving together with a common goal, to be the best they can be in every situation. That's why the tail should never wag the dog, it doesn't work.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Why They Won't Talk To Me

I've often wondered why administrators and corporate types won't talk to someone who has an idea or product that will save them time and money. They don't even consider it and when you meet them face to face at a trade show or conference they smile and say call me or my assistant to set up a meeting. That never happens!

It makes you appreciate the visionaries and early adopters, without them we'd still be practicing blood letting as a medical procedure to cure a headache. I figured out that the reason they won't talk to me is because their position is indefensible and if they say no they will sound, well in a word STUPID!
So, rather than sound stupid they avoid the conversation altogether. As if they don't have the time to explore the possibilities of a better mousetrap because it might cost money. Never mind that fact that it can save more money than it costs.

I thought it was management's job to investigate new cost saving way's to improve productivity, protect worker's and improve the bottom line. If it ain't broke is the mantra of the status quo. Don't upset the apple cart. There are a few individuals however that are willing to kick the apple cart over and are brave enough to talk to me.

Sadly they are few and far between because they are to busy to answer an e-mail or text or phone call.      We call these people pragmatists, punch the clock types. No changes unless they are forced to change by some visionary who is willing to take the chance on the possibility of making a difference in people's lives and the financial health of their companies.

So this is why they won't talk to me, I'll keep trying because the next visionary is my next call!